kim-headshotWelcome to kpj design!  I am Kim Johnson, a digital ministry consultant and freelance designer. What does that mean? Well, It means that I have a passion for the church,  a Master of Arts in Christian Education (from Union Presbyterian Seminary if you are curious), and lots of experience with digital marketing and graphic design. So, I’ve put those skills and passions together to help churches do ministry better in the digital age.

I’ve worked with churches on small projects like designing a logo for an event or ministry, and I’ve worked with churches on major projects like overhauling an existing or building an entirely new website. I’ve also worked with churches to plan and produce marketing campaigns incorporating different design types over different platforms. And, as you will see on my site, I’ve created all kinds of other items both digitally and for print to help churches communicate better.

I firmly believe that churches of all sizes need a good, solid communication strategy. I also believe it is critical for churches to have professional quality communications in order to compete in today’s world. It is my goal to help churches achieve this at all budget levels.


  •  What do you charge?
    Each project is different and requires careful consideration. I typically charge a base fee for each project and then charge for my design time at an hourly rate. I am also willing to set a total project fee before the start of a project or work within a set church budget.  Contact me to discuss your project and for a quote. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!
  • How long do projects take?
    That also depends on the size and scope of a project. Building a website or a marketing campaign certainly takes much longer than designing a series graphic or event logo. I will work with you to set a timetable that includes deadlines for drafts to be sent to the client, for changes to come back from the client, and for the final project to be completed. We will contract together to stick to our deadlines so that there is ample time to make your requested changes and edits before the final project deadline.
  • What about the physical printing of pieces (banners, business cards, flyers, etc.)?
    All of what I create is done electronically, so you will be the owner of the final files and will be responsible for having them printed through a vendor. I have several vendors with whom I work and am happy to facilitate that process for you or am happy to send files to the vendor of your choice when it comes print time. Printing costs are in addition to my design costs.
  • Do you do non church-related designing?
    YES! I have several clients who are not religiously affiliated in any way. You can see some of those projects HERE. I enjoy doing freelance work on things like party invitations or note cards, and I have a passion for those with food allergies and create food allergy labels as well.
  • Can you tell us more about you?
    I am a life-long United Methodist but am happy to help churches of any denomination. I am married to the Rev. Brian W. Johnson and have two super fantastic little boys. I love the beach. I [still] play soccer. I think the color orange is the best color ever. And, I think that spaghetti is a perfectly suitable breakfast food.
  • Can I use the images found on this website? No. All images and items presented on this website were created under contract with the clients as listed. They are © those clients or ©kpjdesign. You may not reproduce these images or items in any manner without expressed written permission.