Easter Campaign: Sit With Me!


Client: Salem UMC
Location: Mathews, VA
Year Created: 2015
Created Using: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Facebook,

The seasons of Lent and Easter are big ones for churches. When thinking about Easter Sunday and Holy Week, the pastor of Salem UMC and I created an Easter Campaign to help the people of Salem Church invite a friend to join in the Holy Week festivities.

We created separate branches of this campaign for those who attend Salem church on a regular basis and for those who would potentially be visiting during Lent, Holy Week, and ultimately on Easter Sunday.

The campaign was based on something Salem Church’s oldest living member said the previous fall when asked the question: “What would you say if you could say one thing to somebody trying to decide what to do with a Sunday morning?”

movieFor those who attended Salem Church regularly, I designed and had printed business cards with the words “Come to Easter Sunday Worship at Salem United Methodist Church and Sit with Me.” These cards were inserted into church bulletins for several weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, and worshipers were encouraged via verbal announcement to take the card and share it with a friend, neighbor, coworker, or someone who had not been seen in worship recently.

The beauty of this campaign, however, was that it wasn’t just based on an invitation to come to worship, but an invitation to come to worship WITH a friend/neighbor/coworker/etc.

I was able to use that comment from the oldest member and make a video that was shared on the church’s Facebook page to encourage and remind Salem Church to find a friend with whom to share those business cards.


I designed some simple Facebook ads to help the Church invite the community to Easter Sunday worship in the same style as the business cards that we hoped were circulating out in the community.

Finally, on the church’s website itself, I created two different places where Easter information was displayed. On the Lent page I placed the Easter Invite video, a reminder about the invitation campaign, and links to download the invite card.

On a separate Easter page (linked to from a matching banner in the home page’s rotating slider) I used the Easter Invite Card image and offered visitors quick links to information about Salem UMC under the heading “Received an Invite Card?”

Screenshots of these different website pages can be seen at left. (Below if using a mobile device.)

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