Family Map Day


Client: St. Stephen’s UMC
Location: Burke, VA
Year Created: 2013-14
Created Using: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Family Map Day was an event for parents of children from the St. Stephen’s UMC community. The marketing plan and designs for Family Map Day were created in conjunction with staff and planning committee.

For this project I contracted with St. Stephen’s to help bring their vision for the Family Map to life. Working with the pastoral staff and the Map Day committee, I began by designing the Family Map itself. I created a path from birth to graduation (with a nod to the Ss in Saint Stephen’s) and then designed a different logo icon for each age group. These icons went through several rounds of discussion and changes before we settled on the final color and image to represent each stage along the Family Map.

Age-Specific Icon Logos:


Picture 1 of 7

New Baby: (Birth – Age 2)

Once the Family Map itself was designed and the other items (classes, events, etc.) were added along with the life stage icons, I moved on to creating the other marketing materials related to the Family Map Day event itself.

nametagsThese items included a banner for the roadside, business cards to hand out to members and the community, printed posters with business card pockets for placing around the church and in the community, take-home-magnets, and stickers for name tags and lunch bags. These items required a modification of the map’s s-shape in order to flow around corners and fit more easily in such formats.

Finally, I created the program for the event itself.

Event Program: front and back

Event Program: front and back

Event Program: center pages.

Event Program: center pages.

*The Family Map Day Campaign and various pieces were created while under employment with St. Stephen’s as the Webmaster, but were created as a contracted freelance project.


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