Lenten Easter Mission Offering (LEMO)


Client: Trinity UMC
Location: Richmond, VA
Year Created: 2016
Created Using: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Facebook,

The Lenten Easter Mission Offering (LEMO) is a yearly campaign at Trinity that helps fund mission projects and new service endeavors. I was tasked with creating a logo, brochure, and video to help promote the 2016 LEMO as well as highlight the success of the 2015 campaign.

I created several versions of the logo for the team to review. Ultimately the graphic chosen was the tree made of hands to represent the many levels and varieties of service that the LEMO funds and the growth that comes to those who participate.

I created a brochure to be inserted in the weekly service bulletin. The committee had 3 goals for this brochure: 1) to highlight the success of the 2015 campaign, 2) to explain the campaign—describing the LEMO effort and offering information about applying for a LEMO grant, and 3) providing an actionable item—a tear-off to turn in with this year’s pledge.

See the LEMO Borchure

Finally, I filmed and edited a video to be shown in worship about the 2016 LEMO campaign.

Lenten Easter Mission Offering: Why We Give from Trinity UMC Richmond on Vimeo.

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