St. Stephen’s UMC


Client: St. Stephen’s UMC
Location: Burke, VA
Year Created: 2012-2013
Created Using: WordPress

I was hired to design and build a new website for St. Stephen’s UMC (SSUMC). After meeting with and having extensive conversations with the staff and communications committee at St. Stephen’s, I created a new website on the WordPress platform.

This project involved several months of meetings and discussions, taking control of their (then) current website on the Joomla platform and then converting over to WordPress. I built the website by customizing a purchased theme to meet the needs of St. Stephen’s. It was very important to SSUMC that their site be both inviting to first-time visitors while also engaging and useful for those who were already committed to the ministries of St. Stephen’s.

This project was completed while I was a part-time employee of St. Stephen’s as part of my employment contract and job description. It was not completed on a free-lance or consulting basis.
The SSUMC website is now maintained and updated by a new SSUMC employee. While the structure I built remains in place, many of the visual elements are no longer my own. The images on this page were taken from when I was working with and maintaining the site.


See the before and after transformation of the St. Stephen's website. Hover over the image below to see the old SSUMC front page (light blue background). This page, crowded with news items made it hard for the visitor to know where to look or what was important. The second image shows the revision of the site with the news page moved to its own tab (black bar at top).

The new homepage can be seen above.